Ethos is a Bible-teaching ministry of Grace Church in Des Moines, Iowa.  Our goal is to teach and encourage young men and women to serve, witness, teach, defend their faith, and mature in the Christian life.  We desire to see young adults established in the Gospel and established on a trajectory toward maturity and spiritual multiplication.  

At the center of it all is Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory and grace who has redeemed us by His blood and who calls us to follow Him.  Our supreme calling is to bring Him glory through our lives.  

Ethos is not an independent ministry.  All our teaching and ministry activity is supplemental to the overall teaching and ministry of Grace Church. Young adults involved with Ethos are regularly reminded that the most important young adult ministry takes place at Sunday morning worship.  

Core Values:

Gospel-Centered: Applying the good news of Jesus Christ to every single square inch of life.

Disciple-Making: Proclaiming the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations.

Movement-Minded: Advancing the cause of Christ through ministry multiplication, strategic partnership, and organizational participation.